APT2019 seeks contributions for presentations, workshops, case studies, field reports and talks that interpret the theme of the changing role of the educator in an evolving digital and global world, aligned to one or more of the following sub-themes:

Maximising student learning.
Approaches to learning design that enhance graduate outcomes and digital capabilities; working with alumni, the local community, professional bodies and employers to design authentic learning and assessment; adapting teaching for large or small (global) cohorts, and across multiple time zones and nations; experimenting with new pedagogies to develop specific student attributes and knowledge; developing programmes of education co-delivered with employers or external educational partners; promoting open education practices; measuring and improving learning gain; use of artificial intelligence to support learning and professional development.

Well-being and resilience.
Practices and resources to promote student and staff well-being; strengthening personal tutoring and academic support activities to enhance well-being and overcome emerging technological barriers.

Inclusiveness and decolonisation.
Using technology well to promote and support inclusiveness; working with student partners/change agents; critically exploring innovative pedagogies and sustainable approaches that increase access and participation; investigating algorithms that have a negative or unseen impact on access or inclusion; practices that immerse overseas, commuter, non-traditional, off-campus, distance or displaced students in the academic experience; evaluating approaches to transnational education programmes.

Student engagement in technology-infused learning environments.
Adopting, or avoiding, technologies to promote student engagement; supporting active learning approaches that 'flip' curriculum content into relevant or independent study; formative assessment that improves feedback/feedforward, peer feedback and peer assessment; optimal design of virtual and physical spaces for improved staff-student interaction; exploring and debating metrics and analytics.