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Keynote Presentations

General Papers

Flipped Classroom in HE: reaching every student Powerpoint Show
Tatiana Simmonds
When using these systems, this fear is gone: Student and staff understandings of student response systems Powerpoint Show
Christopher Little, Cat Hallam
The implications of pedagogical innovation for academic practice in a large-scale online MBA Powerpoint
Stuart Allan
Synergies or conflicts? Relationship between learning analytics and student support in UK HEIs
Samantha Jane Ahern
Experiential Learning in action: effective and impactful teaching using the Finance Lab trading simulation Powerpoint Show
Gabriella Cagliesi, Liam Barnes
The barriers to embark on work placements for Accenting and Finance Undergraduate Students Powerpoint Show
Agnieszka Herdan, Katherine Leopold
Engaging Students in Class through Gamification: The Importance of having a Kahoot! Powerpoint Show
Neil Shepherd
Swopping mobile phones for Socrates in the business management classroom
Roz Sunley
Do we really know how students use technology to maximise their learning? Powerpoint Show
Clare Killen, Sarah Knight
Digital wellbeing workshop Powerpoint Show
Alicja Shah
How learning analytics is supporting the changing roles of educators in higher education today PDF
Maria Toro-Troconis, Laura Coutt, Manuel Frutos-Perez
Rewarding the identification of uncertain and confident answers XML () PPT
Tony Gardner-Medwin
Citizen Literacy PPTX
John Casey, Wolfgang Greller, Diane Gardner, Claire Collins
Analysing today's education shapeshifters: some key issues around credibility, agency and impact in a changing environment
Evan Dickerson
Making better use of existing multiple-choice questions PDF
Lucia Otoyo
Deploying technology to optimize teaching
Steven Buckingham, Karla Kwiatkowska
Supporting Technology Enhanced Learning for student engagement PPTX
Rozeena Mazhar, Elodie Wakerley
From Directive to DNA - Creating a cultural shift on accessibility PPTX
Samantha Ahern, Leo Havemann
Developing professional practice through collaboration and dialogic formative feedback XML ()
Dawn Reilly
Facebook friend or foe? The Impact of Facebook on pedagogy, evidence from accounting students PDF
Ilias G. Basioudis, Matt Davies, Paul De Lange
Active learning in teams with technology PDF
Moira Sarsfield, Peter Woodward
Creating inclusive and engaging learning environments: lessons learned from working with refugee learners globally PPTX
Polly Akhurst, Mia Eskelund Pedersen, Stuart MacAlpine
Usage of chatbots as didactic material PDF
Leonardo Camargo
Opening up the black-box of educational technologies: a Non-Traditional Practical Work pathfinder
Jennifer Scoles
Cultural Theory, Technology and Learning PDF
Jason Davies
We are all educators now: the unbundled faculty
Kate Lindsay
A tale of unanticipated outcomes: Teaching academic skills to Russell Group students
Darren Moon, Sonya Onwu, Aggie Molnar
Defining how learning analytics can support student engagement in assessment and feedback? Powerpoint Show
Carmen Tomas, Simon Walker